Command Line Interface


Switches are processed in the order they appear in the command line.


StaxRip C:\Movie\project.srip

StaxRip C:\Movie\VTS_01_1.VOB C:\Movie 2\VTS_01_2.VOB

StaxRip -LoadTemplate:DVB C:\Movie\capture.mpg -StartEncoding -Standby

StaxRip -ShowMessageBox:"title ...","text ...",info


Strings don’t have to be enclosed in quotes unless they contain spaces.



Adds a batch job.

sourcefile <string>

Adds a filter at the end of the script.

active <boolean>
name <string>
category <string>
script <string>

Adds a job to the job list.

showConfirmation <boolean> Show Confirmation
templateName <string> Template Name: Name of the template to be loaded after the job was added. Empty to load no template.
position <integer> Position to insert new job

Adds tags to the container (works only with mkvmerge).

tags <string> name 1 = value 1; name 2 = value 2; etc.

Checks if a update is available.


Clears the job list.


Copies a string to the clipboard.

value <string> Copies text to the clipboard. May contain macros.

Deletes files in a given directory.

dir <string> Directory: Directory in which to delete files.
filter <string> Example: ‘.txt .log’

Placeholder for dynamically updated menu items.

id <dynamicmenuitemid> Audio1Profiles, Audio2Profiles, EncoderProfiles, FilterSetupProfiles, MuxerProfiles, RecentProjects, TemplateProjects, HelpApplications, Scripts, AddFilters, InsertFilters, ReplaceFilters, FilterCategory

Executes a command line. If Shell Execute is disabled then macros are passed in as environment variables.

commandLine <string> Command Line: The command line to be executed. Macros are solved.
waitForExit <boolean> Wait For Exit: Halt until the command line returns.
showProcessWindow <boolean> Show Process Window: Redirects the output of console apps to StaxRips process window. Disables Shell Execute.
useShellExecute <boolean> Use Shell Execute: Executes the command line using the shell. Available when the Show Process Window option is disabled.
workingDirectory <string> Working Directory: Working directory the process will use.

Executes PowerShell script code.

code <string> Script Code: PowerShell script code to be executed. Macros are expanded.
externalShell <boolean> Use External Shell: Execute in StaxRip to automate StaxRip or use external shell.

Executes a PowerShell PS1 script file.

filepath <string> File Path: Filepath to a PowerShell PS1 script file. May contain macros.

Exits StaxRip


Generates various wiki pages.


Changes video encoder settings.

commandLine <string> Command Line

Loads a audio or video profile.

videoProfile <string> Video
audioProfile1 <string> Audio 1
audioProfile2 <string> Audio 2

Loads a source file.

path <string> Source File Path

Loads a template.

name <string>

Opens a given help topic In the help browser.

topic <string> Help Topic: Name Of the help topic To be opened.

Plays audio file.

FilePath <string> Filepath to a mp3, wav or wmv sound file.
Volume <integer> Volume (%)

Shows a dialog allowing to reset specific settings.


Shows a Open File dialog to generate a short GIF.


Shows a Open File dialog to add the remaining HDR10 Metadata to a MKV file.


Shows a Open File dialog to generate thumbnails using mtn engine


Shows a open file dialog to create a high quality PNG animation.


Saves the current project.


Saves the current project.


Saves the current project as template.


Saves the current project at the specified path.

path <string> The path may contain macros.

Sets the target video bitrate in Kbps.

bitrate <integer> Target Video Bitrate

Sets a filter replacing a existing filter of same category.

name <string>
category <string>
script <string>

Sets the project option ‘Hide dialogs asking to demux, source filter etc.’

hide <boolean>

Sets the bitrate according to the compressibility.

value <integer> Percent Value

Sets the target file size in MB.

targetSize <integer> Target File Size

Sets the file path of the target file.

path <string> Target File Path

Sets the target image size.

width <integer>
height <integer>

Sets the target image size by pixels (width x height).

pixel <integer>

Dialog to manage external tools.


Dialog to manage audio profiles.

number <integer> Track Number (0 or 1)

Shows a dialog to generate thumbnails.


Dialog to preview script code.


Shows the crop dialog to crop borders.


Allows to use StaxRip’s demuxing GUIs independently.


Shows a dialog to manage video encoder profiles.


Shows the Event Command dialog.


Shows a file browser to open a project file.


Dialog to configure filter profiles.


Dialog to edit filters.


Dialog to configure filter setup profiles.


Shows a dialog to add a hardcoded subtitle.


Dialog to manage batch jobs.


Shows the log file with the built-in log file viewer.


Dialog that shows available macros.


Dialog to configure the main menu.


Shows media info on a given file.

filepath <string> May contain macros.

Shows a Open File dialog to show media info.


Presents MediaInfo of all files in a folder in a grid view.


Shows a message box.

mainInstruction <string> Main Instruction: Main instruction may contain macros.
content <string> May contain macros.
icon <msgicon> None, Error, Question, Warning, Info

Shows a Open File dialog to open a file to be shown by the console tool mkvinfo.


Dialog to manage Muxer profiles.


Dialog to open a file batch source.


Dialog to open a Blu-ray folder source.


Dialog to open source files.


Dialog to open a merged files source.


Dialog to open a single file source.


Dialog to configure project options.


Dialog to preview or cut the video.


Shows script info using various console tools.


Shows the settings dialog.


Menu editor for the size menu.


Shows a dialog to compare different videos.


Shut down PC.


Standby PC.


Crops borders automatically.


Starts the compressibility check.


Creates a job and runs the job list.


Runs all active jobs of the job list.


Crops borders automatically until the proper aspect ratio is found.


Starts a tool by name as shown in the app manage dialog.

name <string> Tool Name: Tool name as shown in the app manage dialog.

Development tests and creation of doc files.


Writes a log message to the log file.

header <string> Header is optional and may contain macros.
message <string> Message is optional and may contain macros.