StaxRip is the oldest (since 2002), most feature rich and flexible encoding GUI.


  • Support for a wide variety of formats and tools.
  • Batch Processing, can not only be used for encoding but for any task like remuxing, demuxing or AviSynth/VapourSynth script generation.
  • Cut/Trim feature, for MKV output it works even in Copy/Mux mode, no re-encoding required.
  • Minimal user interaction required due to rich configuration and automation features.
  • Macro system to be used in scripts and command lines, this enables a design that allows to change any setting at any time which is much more flexible and powerfull than a design that requires to perform one step after another.
  • The job list can be processed with multiple StaxRip instances in parallel for maximum performance using modern CPUs.
  • Video and multiple audio tracks can be processed in parallel for maximum performance with modern hardware.
  • Support for an unlimited amount of audio and subtitle tracks.
  • Automatic and manual update check.
  • Powerfull media info using the worlds best media info frontend MediaInfo.NET which includes a folder view to show media info for a folder in a grid view.
  • Powerfull media preview using the worlds best media player mpv(.net).
  • Support via forum and issue tracker.
  • Easy to use and feature rich crop dialog with hardware acceleration.
  • Auto crop.
  • Powerfull resize and aspect ratio related features with auto detection.
  • Thumbnail generation tools.
  • Full access and control to underlying tools with full support for command line and script editing to leverage the full potential of the tools.
  • Container and hardcoded subtitles.
  • Clean and easy to read log file and dedicated log file viewer to easily navigate the processing steps.
  • Video comparison tool to compare video frames in a tab view.
  • The processing window can be minimized to the system tray.
  • For all essential console tools such as x265 and mkvmerge there is a built-in command line preview either directly integrated in the dialog or via menu showable.

Tool Management

  • Powerfull tool management dialog.
  • 200 tools included.
  • Tools are searchable.
  • Custom paths can be defined or removed.
  • Custom paths can be defined using the powerfull search and index tool voidtools Everything.
  • Tool overview either as CSV file opened in (MS) Office or using PowerShell Out-GridView which supports a powerfull search and filter feature.
  • Feature to open the folder of a tool or start the tool including console tools showing the help.


  • For every tool the help file or help page can be shown in the Apps management dialog and also in the main menu under Help.
  • The Apps management dialog provides easy access to tool websites and download sites.
  • Tooltips.
  • Context help via right-click, for x264 and x265 the context help has a local and a online version, for all video encoders the console output help can be shown via context help and with console look and feel.
  • Customizable assistant.


  • Preprocessing steps such as demuxing is fully customizable with custom command lines.
  • Demuxers: mkvextract, MP4Box, ffmpeg, eac3to.
  • Demuxing GUI for mkvextract, MP4Box, ffmpeg and eac3to to define which tracks should be demuxed.
  • Automatic demuxing mode to automatically demux everything.
  • Automatic indexing with DGIndex, DGIndexNV, ffms2 and L-Smash-Works.

Projects, Templates, Profiles

  • AviSynth and VapourSynth video filter plugins that are not included can be used by adding custom filter profiles.
  • Customizable video filter profiles that can be enabled via context menu.
  • Project system that automatically saves encoding settings for a particular source file.
  • Previously encoded projects can be found in a Recent menu to encode them again with different settings, encoded audio and video of previous runs can be reused or overwritten.
  • Project templates for different types of sources, a startup template can be defined to customaize the startup settings.
  • Profile system for video filter profiles, video encoder profiles, audio encoding profiles, muxing profiles, filter setup (full script) profiles.
  • Project options used by projects and project templates and also separate global settings.

Video Processing

  • Video editing using classic AviSynth and next generation VapourSynth, both equally well supported and everything like QTGMC just works out of the box effortlessly.
  • Large amount of included AviSynth and VapourSynth plugins, overall 200 tools incuded.
  • Code editor to enable full control over AviSynth and VapourSynth, everything that is possible with AviSynth and VapourSynth is also possible with StaxRip.
  • Code preview to preview the code generated for AviSynth and VapourSynth.
  • Built-in hardware accelerated video preview and preview via mpv(.net) and MPC-BE/MPC-HC.
  • Built-in script info to show script parameters like framerate and advanced script preview using various external tools like AVSMeter.
  • External AviSynth (.avs) and VapourSynth (.vpy) scripts can be opened/imported.
  • Automatic import of (VUI) color metadata.
  • Full high bit depth and HDR support.
  • Compressibility check.
  • It can be customized which source filters should be used for different formats.
  • Unicode support for AviSynth on Windows 10.


  • Hardware encoding for AMD, Intel and NVIDIA.
  • All classic and modern video encoders are fully supported: XviD, x264, x265, Rav1e, SVT-AV1, NVEnc, QSVEnc, VCEEnv, ffmpeg.
  • Audio encoders: eac3to, qaac, fdkaac, ffmpeg.
  • Popular encoders such as x265 and NVEnc have almost 100% GUI support meaning allmost all available command line switches are supported.
  • Video encoder dialogs are searchable to quickly find options in a drop down and search field.
  • Video encoder dialogs have a command line preview, this preview has a context menu that allows to quickly find GUI options for command line switches.
  • Generic audio and video command line based encoder to integrate any encoder that isn’t already built-in.
  • Parallel audio video encoding.
  • Parallel junk encoding for x265.


  • MKV output using mkvmerge.
  • MP4 output using MP4Box.
  • ffmpeg supporting various container formats.
  • Copy/Mux modes for audio and video plain re-muxing without encoding.
  • Cut/Trim feature for MKV output that works even in Copy/Mux mode, no re-encoding required.

Power User

  • Event Command feature that allows to assign custom commands to various events for instance to execute custom command lines on given events.
  • Scriptable via PowerShell.
  • Customizable main menu and context menus.
  • Long path support, if enabled in Windows 10 file paths can be longer than 260 characters.
  • A PowerShel terminal can be shown with support for the new Windows Terminal, this terminal has a special environment for easy access of included console tools, all macros are available as environment variables in this terminal and in all features that allow to define custom command lines.


  • 100% Portable, nothing has to be installed.
  • Installed AviSynth or VapourSynth can optionally be used instead of the included.

User Interface

  • Pixel perfect High DPI scaling.
  • Large amount of customized GUI controls and elements.